The Daily Evergreen Article “We must fight for everybody” Relates to Sport Management. How? Take a Read.

Pullman, WA – An Evergreen journalist wrote a column at the end of January 2017 in light of the world-wide Women’s March.

Women came together to stand united to fight for their rights as America is in a time of conflicted political moods with all of the new changes President Trump aspires to implement. Even though the journalist is very opinionated and biased, she focused how there is a general inequality that any woman faces, and from that, marginalized groups of women (such as women of color, women of different religions, etc.) will have a tougher battle to be treated and seen as an equal. The journalist described this world-wide women’s march as a “powerful gesture of resistance toward the current administration”.

Now, what in the world does this Women’s March have to do with Sport Management?

Both of these matters are connected because as the women’s march exposed the inequality towards women world-wide (and surprisingly even in America), there is also an inequality towards women in the sports world. These women feel like their rights and opportunities are limited and frankly, many women studying sport management know that it is an uphill battle to get a foot in the door in the sport’s world or to even be respected as a professional.

If we are honest (and knowledgeable), then we know that the sport world is owned and dominated by men. When you analyze sports, you will see that whether it is an athlete, coach, athletic director, reporter, owner, and so forth, the majority of the time it will be a man! The positions and roles are ruled by men. Furthermore, media focuses way more on men’s sport than women’s sports. Why? It is because men’s sports bring in more money, more fans, and more talent. I am not here to argue that this is right or wrong; I am here to argue that this is fact and it is true. The world believes that men’s sports are more entertaining than women’s.

As a Sport Management minor, I am well aware that I will have to fight for my spot in the sport world just like women today are continuing to fight for their rights. I quite enjoy a challenge and being the underdog because I think that leaves no room for pride and much room to do everything 110% no matter the task. Even this past year as a senior in Sport Management courses at Washington State University, it is common for the classes to consist of a 80/20 ratio of male to female make up of students. I think this estimate speaks to the dominance of men in the sport world hence a lot of women disqualify themselves, or don’t even try to go down a path involving sport, which in my opinion, is unfortunate.

I look forward to see what women do in our world as mothers, wives, teachers, scientists, nurses, coaches, reporters, writers, politicians, athletic directors, as lawyers, as counselors, social reformers, doctors, business owners, innovators, leaders… and may the list continue!

Read an inspirational NY Daily News article about women in sports here: Eight women breaking barriers in men’s sports as coaches, referees and broadcasters

Read the full Daily Evergreen article here: “We must fight for everybody

Click here to see photos from the women’s march from all over the nation: Pictures from Women’s March from All Over America

Click here to see photos from the women’s march from all over the world:  Pictures from Women’s March from All Continents

Lee,Chang W. -  from camera serial number^Women’s March in Washington D.C.Demonstrators protest against U.S. President Donald Trump during the Women's March inside Karura forest in Kenya's capital Nairobi^Women’s March in KenyaPERU-US-POLITICS-TRUMP-INAUGURATION-PROTEST^Women’s March in PeruWOMEN'S MARCH   NYTMARCH^Women’s March in San Francisco

Please note that these Women’s March photos are all accredited to The New York Times articles (see links above this text) and I am using them for student learning purposes.

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