A Career Working in College Athletics: It’s More Than a Paycheck

I graduate college in exactly one month which is bitter sweet, a little stressful, and really exciting. After going to a few sessions at the Washington State University Sport Management Career Fair, I learned about the specific avenues of collegiate sport I am interested in: marketing and working with collegiate student-athletes.

I attended a few sessions about Collegiate Athletics since I have been able to narrow my focus and identify my passion for this area of sport over the years.  At the career fair, I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the GM of marketing for WSU Athletics, Marty Northcroft, as he described his role and team’s duties within marketing a collegiate sport. This session was quite helpful but I am thankful that I have other professional experience with Northcroft; as I am in the process of completing a public relations campaign for the upcoming 2017 football season, I have been able to be hands-on in the marketing world of sport. This experience has shown me how much I enjoy finding solutions to current problems from research and crafting creative yet influential ideas to boost retention, culture, and experience for WSU football games.

Another career avenue that I would love to work in is the Academic Excellence realm within WSU Athletics! After working this last semester as a student-athlete tutor, I have realized that my job is more than a paycheck. It has helped me impact my peers to be the best student they can be as I help them flourish where they are planted in their classes.  My job includes encouraging, challenging, teaching, struggling, and succeeding with my student-athletes. It is a job that I look forward too and it doesn’t matter that I get paid minimum wage for because it is more than money. It has taught me how to engage student-athletes and build a strong relationship with them where they trust me and feel cared for; from that has grown respect and excitement for our tutoring sessions. There has been nothing more rewarding than seeing my student-athletes thrive in classes they had no confidence in, as well as watching them grow into better planners and stronger students as they utilize their awesome athlete work ethic towards their academics too.

As I pursue working in marketing or student-athlete academics after graduation, I know my job will be more than a paycheck. It will be giving back to my Cougar family, helping others, and making a difference.

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