Jonathan Arslanian: A WSU Sport Management Senior and Aspiring Athletic Director

For the Classmate Interview assignment, I decided to interview a classmate and friend, Jonathan Arslanian. Arslanian is a Washington State University senior who is aspiring to be an athletic director for collegiate sport or high school sport. His passion for sport began as child playing baseball which he continued to play through high school. It was during high school when Arslanian had a huge revelation from experiencing multiple negative encounters with the athletic director at his high school. It was clear that the high school athletic director didn’t genuinely care about the student-athletes as people but merely saw the student-athletes as “work”. As I interviewed Arslanian, I am convinced and confident that he will be a passionate and determined athletic director. He believes athletic directors do have a duty to help kids develop as amazing athletes, but also “as positive members of society” and “better people”.

During the last question of the interview I wanted to hear Arslanian’s perspective on a more sensitive subject in the sport management field: discrimination toward race in sport.  I wanted to know if Arslanian, as a white male, believed discrimination toward race still existed in the sport world or sport management field. Arslanian responded, “In the past, there definitely has been discrimination based off of race… but most professional and collegiate organizations are breaking away from that.” The most powerful part of this interview is when Arslanian takes ownership of his future contributions to sport. He voiced his excitement to be a part of a field that “recognizes there has been a problem”, referring to discrimination towards race in sport, and wants to “take strides” toward overcoming this issue.

Click play to learn more about Arslanian’s story and zeal for sport, becoming an athletic director, and being someone who seeks to be a solution when there are setbacks in the sport industry!


Regarding the video production experience and process, there were highs and lows. The positive of this process included actually interviewing Arslanian; he is humble, intelligent, humorous, and easy to have authentic conversation with. The filming took about an hour in Cleveland Studio 59 while the editing took about two plus hours. I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Arslanian but did not enjoy working with Adobe Premiere throughout the editing process. This was not my first time using Adobe Premiere and quite frankly, the system is just a pain to work with. I encountered audio issues when exporting the media and dealt with uploading issues. Regardless of the set backs that resulted in lost time, I will say the final product is something that I am proud of.

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