Hello! I am the student sojourner you must be so curious to know about! 

A sojourner is someone who resides temporarily in one place.

I use the word sojourner to describe myself because I have found a variety of areas within sport that I aspire to be involved with. My aspirations to work in the sport world sparked when I identified to be an athlete. I loved sports whether I was playing or watching them. I was a three-sport varsity athlete in high school by the time I was a senior (and continued to play despite tearing both of my ACL’s might I add) and grew up with brothers and peers who relished their lives in sports just like I did. As I have transitioned from playing sports to studying sports in college, I have found many avenues within sport that I would love to work in.

One career aspiration I have is to work for Washington State University Athletics. Since I have become a part of the Cougar family, I would love to give back and work for WSU Athletics after I graduate. The college town and cougar pride is something unexplainable and untammable. I have worked for WSU Athletics for the last few years and am currently a part of a team working on a public relations campaign to propose solutions to conquer current issues within WSU athletics. From these past experiences, it has inspired me to seek out more opportunities to advance my career within Cougar Athletics.

Another career aspiration I have is to work for a professional team. I would love to see what the professional world of athletics holds specifically in football or basketball. These two sports carry a lot of popularity and influence in society which is where I would love to help these organizations make a longer lasting impact than their championship win. Whether it is through community involvement, philanthropic work, story-telling of athletes, or investing in youth, I want to help sport organizations make a positive difference in our society.

Lastly, a huge career aspiration of mine is to become a coach. Growing up, my coaches became some of the most crucial mentors, friends, and role models in my life. Their investment in me didn’t stop after a game or practice was over, they cared for me like I was their own child. A coach has the beautiful opportunity to help develop, challenge, and encourage athletes to be the best person, student, friend, and athlete they can be; I would love to be in such a hard but rewarding role.
I call myself a sojourner in the sports world because I know that I probably won’t stay in one area of sport for too long…


I’m not good at staying in one place for too long. In college alone, I have lived in America, Africa, and Asia. My international experience has given me a greater world view and a love for culture, language, and experience. Not only have I resided in different continents in our world, but I am a first-generation American. My family immigrated from Russia only twenty years ago and I was the first child born in the states. As a result of my Russian roots, my first language learned was English, followed by Russian. I recently learned how to read and write in Russian at the university I attend which is without a doubt one of my favorite skills I have learned. I have a huge heart for people and for the nations; I would be immensely interested in having a job that is involved with international activities. I have taught English, volunteered for a not for profit organizations, and even played basketball in other countries outside of America. These experiences have given me a depth and desire to be involved in international work whether that is in sport or in another avenue.

Well, that wraps up my biography introduction for a class assignment.

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Arsenia Ivanov